Consultation and Contraindications

The contraindications to sugaring services are the same as waxing. Retinol, Steroids and Oral Antibiotics can all leave the skin more sensitive. Always have clients fill out a consent form that asks about medical conditions, allergies, skin sensitivities and medications. Have them list everything they may be using for anti-aging or acne, these could render the skin sensitive.

Analyze the skin before performing any treatment period. Look for bruising, rashes, open sores, sunburn and cold sores, these would all preclude a Sugaring service. A patch test is another option to determine skin sensitivity. Do not perform any hair removal services on a client that is currently using Accutane.

Ask if they’ve had issues or problems with any previous hair removal services, if so….what happened? If they say they have had a problem in the past, explore that. Most often I hear “I’m allergic to wax, I break out after a waxing service.” In that case, I let the client know that most people aren’t actually allergic, it’s an immune response. Wax takes the hair and the top layer of skin which leaves the area more susceptible to bacteria, causing the white blood cells move in to protect the vulnerable area. Aftercare advice is essential, touching the area can bring bacteria, as can other activities.

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