the beach, gym, and jacuzzi the day of your sugaring service as this can introduce bacteria into the area. Keep your hands off the sugared area as much as possible.


go home and exfoliate, scrub, or apply anything on the site for at least 2 hours. There is no need to exfoliate for TWO DAYS after your service. Start your recommended aftercare products 2 to 3 times a week. 


If you ave any problems with ingrown hair, Tamara's aftercare products or PFB  are products you can purchase here. 

Ask me about them!

exfoliate & hydrate

especially if you are prone to ingrown hairs. Exfoliate 3 times per week with an exfoliating glove- gently and in an upward motion. Use a moisturizing body wash, NOT soap, it can be too drying, Moisturize the outer bikini area if it gets too dry.

Come back

every 4-6 weeks so we can extract the hair when it is fully grown. This will help the hair to come back finer and less dense over time.


Don't shave! If you are going to get out the razor to shave in between appointments, we can take care of that for you!

Call and book a clean-up service!